Add Products To Your Shop

Learn how to add products to your shop and list them for sale in your store.

Once you've logged in to your account, from your dashboard navigate to the product library by tapping on the "Library" tab in the tab bar. Within the Library you will see 1000's of products listed ranging from Tops to Bottoms. You can use filters and the sorting features to quickly narrow down certain items you are looking for.
Once you've found a product you want to list in your shop, tap on the item and you will be able to see further product details including the supply price, available sizes and stock images. When you are ready to add the product to your shop tap "Add To Products".
You are prompted with two options from here, "Sell It Now" - which adds the item to your shop or  "Sell It Later" - which shortlists the item and adds to your collections. If you choose "Sell It Now", you will proceed to edit the listing and then will be prompted with a new option of where to list the product to.  If you choose "Sell It Later" then the product will be shortlisted in your collections folder where you can list at a later time. 
Once you select "Sell It Now" you will then proceed to the product editing section of your listing. This is where you can do the following: 
1) Info - Adjust the default name of the product to suit one that fits your brand voice or leave it alone and proceed.
2) Photo & Video - Setup how you want to advertise the product either using your product photo shots & video or using the default products provided. We highly recommend you purchase samples to take real photos and video of you wearing the item. 
3) Pricing - Set your retail price for how much you want to sell the item for. We provide three variations to choose from.
  • By Price: This option allows you to set the retail price of the item based on how much you think people will pay for it. You can adjust the price according to the demand and competition in your market.
  • By Earnings: This option allows you to set the retail price of the item based on how much you would like to earn per sale. You can calculate your desired profit margin and set the retail price accordingly.
  • By Margin %: This option allows you to set the retail price of the item based on a markup percentage of how much you want to profit per sale. You can choose a specific profit margin, and the system will automatically calculate the retail price based on the product's supply price.
Once you've finished editing the product tap "List" and the item is now added to your shop and is ready to sell. Learn how to promote your item in this article.