Consistent Posting is the Key to Making Sales

Consistency is key! Posting multiple times per day, several days a week on your social media accounts is the number one way to grab users attention, keep them interested in your products, and increase your overall reach. Start posting to make sales!

Consistent posting on all of your main social media accounts is the number one strategy for converting your online audiences into sales. Whether you are on Instagram or Pinterest, or you run your own online shop already, daily posts are essential in gaining and keeping your followers attention. Implement the following strategies to start attracting new audiences and turn your followers into paying customers!




Make sure you are not only posting frequently, but also including reminders of where to find your shoppable store links. By constantly reminding your audience of how and where to purchase your store items, you are curating a seamless shopping experience for every user. The easier it is for them to find your shoppable links, the sooner you will see your sales take off.