Captions & Copywriting

2 copy 2You've shot your content, edited your posts to perfection, and scheduled in your posting time. But before you hit the post button, make sure that your caption includes all the important items it needs to further intrigue your audience. Alluring captions - or lack thereof - are the final layer of posts that can either leave users mindlessly scrolling past your post (that you just spent all day on) or grab their attention and have them hooked on your content. The longer a user is viewing your post, the better chance you have of engaging them to take more actions. More actions from users means more engagement, and more engagement means more reach to your profile. Follow these easy tips to start optimizing your captions to their full potential!2 copy

Each and every social media platform - and Shopify store or online blog - has a unique, constantly-changing algorithm that creators should be aware of. One thing that all of these platforms has in common, is that each of its algorithms favors posts that get engagement.

By taking the time to curate a creative and value driven caption, you are already increasing your chances of engaging your viewers and getting your content pushed to more audiences. The larger your audience, the more people you can promote your shop items too - therefore increasing your chances of making sales!

If you are new to writing strategic captions or unsure of what the universal best practices are, we've listed important beginner tips to keep in mind below.

3-14 copy-1Review the templates outlined below to help guide you as you curate your social media marketing posts. Remember: the more information you provide to your followers about your products, the more likely they are going to be interested in wanting to learn more and make a purchase from you. Focus your messaging around how valuable a certain product sample has been in your day to day wardrobe, how many different ways you can style it, why its an essential piece, how many compliments you've gotten on it, etc. Traditional selling methods don't suffice for social selling online. Don't TELL you audience what to do, SHOW them what value they are missing by showcasing your positive experiences with the products in your shop.