What is the difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing?

There can be lots of confusion around the difference between affiliate marketing and dropshipping and we just want to make sure you are familiar with how you will earn income with the dropshipping model we use at Wahool.

So how does fashion dropshipping actually work and what makes it better than affiliate marketing?

A few key differences are:
  1. You get to set your own selling price essentially determining how much money you can make per sale.
  2. You're selling non-branded items directly from a factory supplier who offers their items at a wholesale price to you.
  3. You don't keep inventory of the items you are selling and don't have to worry about shipping, returns or customer service!
In our app, you get access to 1000's of trendy fashion products directly from our factory suppliers. You simply pick the styles you like then promote them in your social channels with a link.
When someone buys from your link, we ship the item to your customer and you keep the difference (the profit) between what you sold the item for (retail price) and what the item cost you (wholesale price).

Earning Potential - Fashion Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing

Fashion Dropshippng
Affiliate Marketing
 Retail Price
 Product Cost
 Commission %
 Est. Earnings Per Sale
$15 per sale
$0.6 per sale
Key Insight: In this example, you earn 25x more per sale ($15/$0.6) than what you earn with affiliate marketing. So to earn $1k dollars in profit with dropshipping you would need to sell 66 pieces of clothing vs the 1,666 pieces you would need to sell with affiliate marketing.
Doesn't fashion dropshipping sound so much better than affiliate marketing? We think so! Get out there and start making sales. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Happy selling!