Income & Payouts

Wahool uses Paypal payouts to directly deposit payments to your paypal account which can be directly deposited into your bank account. To setup your payout methods, head over to the income section of the app and Tap the Withdrawal Button. From there you will be prompted to set up and connect your Paypal account.
  • Transaction Fee:
    • Withdraws less than $100 will be charged 2.99%+$0.49
    • Withdraws greater than or equal to $100 will incur $0 transaction fees
  • Withdraw Requests: Anytime
  • Payment Time: Instant transfer (Usually lands in bank account within 1-3 business days)
  • Deposit Location: Your Paypal account
To view all your earnings, tap on Income from your dashboard. From here you can see all the total income you've earned and the amount you currently have available to payout. Additionally, you can view a list of all the payouts we issued to your bank and they can be filtered by month.
*Please Note
When you make a sale in your shop that income will hit your Wahool account in 14 days. We call this net-14 payouts. This is due to our 14 day return policy which gives your customer time to return the product. If the customer doesn't return the product within 14 days, the funds will show in your account and can then be withdrawn.