What is the refund & exchange process for product samples?

How to Return and Refund Your Product Sample: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Our Updated System

Returning an item can be a frustrating experience for both customers and shop owners. To make this process easier for our shop owners, we have implemented an automated return system. In this help document, we will outline the steps involved in our automated return system, so you can easily and quickly return items you no longer require. How to return an item: 
  1. Navigate to Manage from the Home Dashboard.
  2. Click My Orders to view all your product sample orders.
  3. Locate the order that you’d like to return item (s) from. These will be under the Shipped or Received Tab.
  4. Once you the order, click the Return button on the item you wish to return.
  5. From here, there are three states in which an order that has shipped can be in: Delivered, Unshipped, In-Transit.
  6. Find the items in your order from one these three states then start selecting each item you wish to return.
  7. When you select an item, you will be prompted to select a return reason, enter a brief description, and, if asked, upload photos or videos.
  8. Once you are finished selecting all the items you wish to return, tap the button that says “Return”.
  9. From here, you will review the return details, add your shipping address for your return label, and review the refund amount for this order.
  10. Once you are finished, tap the Submit button to complete this return. We will then email you within 24 hours to let you know the decision and next steps.
  11. If your return is approved, we will send you a return label as an email attachment which you print out and attach to the box or bag you are returning the item in.
  12. Take the box/bag to the local courier and ship back to us. Once we receive the item at our warehouse, we will issue you a refund back to the original payment. This usually happens within 3-5 days.
  13. At any time, you can go back into My Orders to view the refund details. Just click on the Refund tab this time and locate the return request.
We hope that this automated return system will make the process of returning an item easier and more efficient for our shop owners. If you have any further questions or concerns about the automated return system, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team reach@wahool.com. We are always happy to help.