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Product Updates - September 2022

We've made quite a few updates in the previous weeks expanding on some functionality in core areas of the app. Please read about the new features and updates below to get familiarized with what's new.

1) Return & Exchanges

Requesting refunds/returns is now more streamlined and can be done directly through the app on your product sample orders and through your shop for your customer orders. Please watch the video below for a quick demo on how to request refunds for both product samples and customer orders.

Product Sample Return Request

  Customer Return 


2) Shop Users & Email

You might have noticed a new tab under Application called Shop Users which gives you the ability to check your shop engagement metrics. From within Shop Users you will see top level metrics for the following items:
  • Today's Visitors - Counts the total # of customers who've clicked on your store or product link.
  • Registered Users - Registered counts the total # of customers who've provided their email and registered in your store.
    • If a customer opens your shop link, clicks the menu bar, enters their email and clicks sign up, you have got one registered user.
    • If a customer clicks the follow button, enters their email and clicks confirm, you have got one registered user, and one new follower
    • If a customer places an order (enters email), you have got one registered user
  • Shop Followers - Counts the total # of customers who've clicked on the Follow button and provided their email address.
Below that you will see an engagement chart that looks at your shop metrics over a period of 7 days. You can click on each metric to filter and view the stats for each item individually.
Shop Emails
If you want to target a segment of your shop users with an email, you can use our Mass email system. We provide you with a templated email that will notify users of new items added in your shop. You can segment and send the email to the following user types:
  • Registered
  • Unfollowed
  • Never Purchased
  • Followed

3) Shop Follower

We rolled out the ability for customers to follow your Shop which then allows you to email them with updates. (See Shop Users & email below). From the front end of your shop you will now see a little follow button. When pressed, it will prompt the user to fill in their email address.
Once the user supplies you with their email address, they will be tagged as a follower of your shop and you can now enroll them in email marketing via the mass mailing feature.

4) Shop Owner & Customer Help Center

We've improved our support system both for you and your customers and have built a new help center where you can now submit support tickets for any issues you may be experiencing.
  • In-App Shop Owner Support: Please tap on the Manage Tab and locate the Help Center tab or you can click on the Support Icon in the header. Within the help center we've categorized the different items which you may need support with. Simply tap on the icon and fill out the form to submit a ticket that corresponds with the issue you are experiencing.
  • In-App Customer Support: Your customers now have a new improved support center that is accessible from within your shop page. They simply tap on the customer service icon in the header and will be redirected into the help center where they can submit support tickets on order issues, delivery issues or anything else that comes up. In addition, we've updated the FAQ section to add a few more answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Desktop Support: To access support via your desktop computer navigate to https://help.wahool.com/ and from there you will see various categories which are there to help answer common questions.