TikTok Shop: Introduction to Short Videos

Module 4 | Lesson 1: Understand the difference between short videos designed for storytelling and branding, and shoppable videos tailored to stimulate immediate product purchases.

TikTok Shop: Introduction to Short Videos


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Video Transcript:
Imagine you're scrolling through TikTok! You see two types of videos pop-up through your feed: short videos that are crafted to entertain and engage with audiences, and shoppable videos that are specifically focused on products, and made to stimulate purchases.
Short videos are like feature-length films. They focus on a central narrative rooted in storytelling and branding to raise awareness. Short videos are your opportunity to communicate the value proposition of your brand to your audience.
On the other hand, shoppable videos are like shorts. The individual videos have their own individual story arch and can exist on their own. They are produced more rapidly, while focusing on driving immediate sales. Shoppable videos are your opportunity to tell a product story with specific call-to-actions that triggers the urgency to purchase.
But don't be mistaken, both formats feel organic to TikTok. They're aimed at creating a connection with the TikTok community and are tailored towards specific audiences.
You're wondering why shoppable videos are special. Here's the answer: they're incredibly versatile and play a crucial role for brands every step of the way.
Shoppable videos are attention magnets and spark the user's "gotta-have-it" feeling. On the platform you have the opportunity to tell your story and wow with your product.
Shoppable videos not only grab attention but also direct traffic to shoppable LIVEstreams, expanding your customer base.
They bring products to your consumers, fueling their urge to place orders.
So, make the most of the power of shoppable video. Your challenge for this lesson: brainstorm an idea for a shoppable video that tells your brand story and showcases one of your products. Think: What's the sizzle, the emotion, the wow-factor?
In our next lesson, we'll be walking through how to add products to your short videos! See you there!




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